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Digital Technologies and Learning

Our school aims to integrate technology into our day to day teaching and learning in an innovative, exciting and user-friendly way. Our teachers aim to provide engaging, creative ways of digitally supporting our students’ learning. Our students will develop skills that will stand to them in their learning journey and in their future lives.

G-Suite: Google Apps and Account

Every Mercy student has a Google account which is used to log into various educational apps as well as their emails and their Chromebook (so there is only one password to remember).

Students will be using the following apps regularly in school;

  • Gmail - for emailing teachers, other students and receiving information
  • Google Classroom - Teachers can ‘post’ work, notes, handouts and information on this secure, user-friendly website. Students can upload their homework and class assignments to this site
  • Google Drive - Cloud storage which keeps all the student's documents, presentations and work safely backed up
  • Google Docs - A word processor where students can type documents
  • Google Slides - A place where students can make PowerPoint style presentations and slideshows
  • Google Jamboard - A live “whiteboard” that students can use for group work, presentations and collaborative learning
  • Google Hangouts Meet - A multi-person video conferencing tool similar to Zoom or Skype. This can also be used for group work in class and for facilitating collaborative learning

For more information on our school’s use of Google-based apps, take a look at this information page from the PDST;

Cyber Safety

G-Suite apps provide a number of security features that protect students and their data or information; for example, when logged into Gmail or Hangouts/meet using their Mercy Inchicore account, our students cannot be contacted by anyone not using a Mercy Inchicore account. G-Suite also provides the security of encrypting emails and backing up student data using secure cloud storage.

Students will be learning about cyber safety and responsible internet use in school in a number of different subjects including SPHE, Digital Literacy and Coding. In these subjects, students will learn the skills needed to be responsible, safe and informed digital citizens.

However, it is still important to talk to your child about their use of technology and the type of content they interact with. There are a number of really helpful websites with information, conversation starters and resources on cyber safety for parents.Two really helpful and accessible sites are Cyber Safe Ireland ( and Webwise ( ).


Throughout first and second year, students will have coding as a weekly subject.

This class aims to “...develop the student's ability to formulate problems logically; to design, write and test code through the development of programs, apps, games, animations or websites; and, through their chosen learning activities, to learn about computer science”.

Students will learn the basics of how computers work, how they are used in modern life and the relevance of computer science.

From a more hands-on perspective, students will also learn how to create their own apps or games using coding programmes such as Scratch and Python.

The coding course is divided into three strands:

  • Strand 1: Computer Science Introduction
    Students explore the range of uses computers have in today’s world and learn to understand the hardware and basic software which operates them.
  • Strand 2: Let’s get connected
    This strand deepens the student’s understanding of the computer as a communications tool through the storage and manipulation of data. Includes a research project on computer science.
  • Strand 3: Coding at the next level
    Students are introduced to more complex levels of coding where they can demonstrate their understanding through documentation, discussion and feedback.


Mercy Inchicore is excited to share that we will be taking part in the fully funded AWS GetIT 2020-21 programme, delivered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in partnership with Future Foundations.

AWS GetIT aims to encourage girls to consider a career in tech and to challenge gender stereotypes within the industry. Our First year students will be designing an app that makes a real tangible social change within the school or local community.

An AWS ambassador will be involved with the school at different points throughout the year, to guide the students through the programme and provide useful tips for designing their apps. At the end of the year, selected app ideas will be entered into a competition against teams from other schools across the country.

The AWS team is factoring in Government guidelines and social distancing to ensure that the programme is run as safely as possible, with plans to deliver some of the content virtually. The priority is to make sure students can still take part and get the most out of the programme while staying safe.

For more information, visit the programme website - CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please contact the school lead for the programme here: Lorcan Roddy,

Thomas Davis Street West, Goldenbridge, Inchicore, Dublin.
01 453 1262
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