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Junior Certificate Schools Programme

Junior Certificate Schools Programme


What is JCSP?

Junior Certificate Schools Programme

This programme aims to provide a targeted intervention to the Junior Certificate/Cycle and not an alternative to it. It provides students with the opportunity to experience success within learning early on in their second level education. JCSP offers a positive and effective programme of support to students, parents and staff. It helps to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to young people who would benefit from a different approach to the Junior Certificate/Cycle.

JCSP is a flexible and adaptable programme that can be changed to suit the needs of individual students. It allows for the students strengths and weaknesses to be analysed in an effort to outline specific recurring difficulties that can then be worked upon. Its approach supports the planning of work programmes which both build on the students’ abilities and address the main obstacles which hinder their progress. It also opens up a channel of communication for both young people and their parents regarding the needs and progression of the student.

JCSP in our school supports the following:

  • The running of a range of initiatives both inside and outside of the school.
  • Literacy and Numeracy weeks within the school promoting increased understanding and ability in both areas.
  • Outlining learning targets for each subject.
  • Encouraging students to attend school and be punctual.
  • Celebration of achievements, including summer and Christmas celebrations.
  • In school events and visitors.
  • Access to JCSP digital library.
  • Extra resources to the students and school.
  • Celebrating student achievements and successful initiatives are an integral part of the JCSP programme. Students may be rewarded for their successful participation in initiatives with gift tokens, awards, trips or the JCSP celebrations.

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