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Rules for Student Lockers

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Rules for Student Lockers

1. Students will be assigned a locker at the start of the school year.
2. Students must look after their own locker key - provided by the school.
3. Students must not access or use another student's locker.
4. Lost keys will be replaced at student expense. 5 euro
5. Lockers are for the temporary storage of school supplies and personal items
necessary for use at school. Long term storage of foodstuffs in lockers is not
permitted. The personalisation of lockers is not permitted. Coats, schoolbags, sports
bags, etc are to be stored in lockers.
6. Students may visit their lockers before & after school and during break and lunch
7. Misuse of locker facilities will result in withdrawal of locker privileges. Items are
placed in lockers at the student’s risk.
8. School management is not responsible for items placed in lockers.
9. School management reserves the right to inspect student lockers.
End of school year
10. Lockers to be cleared of all contents.
11. Locks to be returned to tutor.
Procedures for withdrawing student locker facilities
12. Withdrawal of locker privileges can only apply for misuse of locker facilities and must
have the approval of the Principal.
Procedure for inspecting a student’s locker
13. The school authority retains the right to inspect a student’s locker and its contents to
ensure that the locker is being used in accordance with its intended purpose.
14. All inspections of student lockers shall be conducted by the Principal or their designee. Before a particular student's locker is inspected, the student, if present on the school premises, will be contacted and given the opportunity to be present during the inspection unless circumstances require that the inspection be conducted without delay in order to protect the health and safety of others present on school premises.Whenever an individual student's locker has been inspected without the student's presence, the Principal or their designee shall notify the student of such inspection as soon as practicable thereafter.

You can also download these rules as a pdf

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