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Vision and Mission Statement

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Vision and Mission Statement

Our Mission

Mercy Secondary Inchicore is a co-educational Catholic school in the heart of Inchicore, Dublin 8. Just as our founder Catherine McAuley imagined and created a world, in which education empowered and provided opportunities for all; we continue that vision of realising all that our students and our learning community can become.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that each and every member of our community is a valued and treasured child of God. We are committed to creating opportunities for our students. We hold the belief that we have a duty to dream big for each and every person within our learning community.

Our Vision

  • We are a vibrant, connected learning community that welcomes and embraces change. We create and innovate for the challenges that modern learning brings.
  • We strive to bring our students on a journey of imagination, action and realisation in becoming all that they can aspire to become intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
  • We are a community that creates space and opportunity for achievement, dreams and success and empowers our learners to take responsibility for their learning path and achievements.
  • Our ethos provides for a happy, inclusive and diverse environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging and identity.
  • Our school is an open, safe and caring school where first and foremost the dignity of each individual is held in our hearts and minds.
  • We dream big for our students; to assist them in becoming critical thinkers and active members and leaders of society.

Our Values

  • We treasure our students, staff and the greater community. We create space for each person to recognise their unique qualities, the richness of their stories and all they bring to our community as individuals.
  • We are a school in which each person is respected and treated with dignity.
  • We believe we have a duty to instil and nurture each student’s self-belief and accompany them on their journey to becoming independent, critical and active citizens of the world.

What does ethos look like in our school?

We strive to make our ethos a lived experience in our school. In Mercy, we live ethos through

  • Our relationships with each other, how we mentor, guide, communicate
  • Our decision making: Our policy and practice reflect the central belief of our vision upholding the dignity of each person within our school community.
  • Introducing and implementing the restorative practice.
  • Our Liturgical calendar: creating and celebrating our faith in meaningful ways, bringing spiritual reflection to our decision making processes and meetings.
  • Our visual environment: Stewardship: care of our environment and green schools
  • Artwork and symbolism that resonates with our vision.

Thomas Davis Street West, Goldenbridge, Inchicore, Dublin.
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