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Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators has been a huge part of the girl's TY programme. This innovation has opened up the door to many amazing opportunities for the girls across the year. It allowed them to identify and explore a social issue that they were passionate about making a change within. It also provided them with the opportunity to develop personally through empowerment, leadership, self-awareness, and an awareness of social need.

The project offered the chance to build self-esteem in each individual student through critical thinking, collaboration, communication and integration with the wider community.

The girl's project ‘Give Mercy To Inchicore’ has truly amazed us this year and we are in awe of their achievements. We have watched each student grow and mature through this project in many various ways with such dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. Their work has not gone unnoticed as they have made themselves known and not gone unheard. They have gained recognition through social media and from many different media outlets, and also by creating relationships within the community and with our local representatives.

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This innovation has been a massive success, with the girls changing perceptions and bringing about a positive attitude to youth in the Inchicore area. We want to thank them for their continued effort and say how proud we are of them and for taking a stand on something they believed needed to change, for inspiring fellow students and for showing how amazing the students here at Mercy truly are. We commend you on this achievement.

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We were not one bit surprised that at the YSI Speak Out in March the girls walked away with an award for the Most Passionate Communication. Their performance was outstanding.

We are so proud as a school to say that at the 2019 YSI Awards the girl took 1st place in the Making Our Community Better Challenge. You should all be very proud of yourselves as this is an incredible accomplishment.

We are so proud of the girls, their teachers and all their hard work. They have made a huge difference to the aesthetics of our school and their mindset has had such a positive ripple effect throughout the community. The culmination of all their hard work was recognised in Croke Park on May 15th when they were awarded the winning team in their category 'Make our Community better.'

The timeline of their project is best captured in the website they created and launched in May.

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