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Incoming First Years

On this page you will find information on Dates, Uniforms, Procedures and so on. 


Click below for information on important dates for your child.


We operate a book rental scheme at Mercy Inchicore, find out more


All information on uniforms and PE gear can be found below


Other questions which are commonly asked can be found here



Our incoming class of first years will start on Thursday, August 24th at 10am. On this day they will be with us for approximately 1 hour where they will have a welcoming ceremony. Parents are encouraged to attend the ceremony and meet the teachers. Over the next few weeks your child will take part in a transition programme to help them settle into secondary school. 



Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore operates a book rental scheme. These books will be found in your childs locker on their first day in the school. There is a fee for book rental, lockers, school Journal and Photocopying. This is 285 Euro of which you have already paid 30 Euro. 


Our School has a school uniform and a separate PE tracksuit. The tracksuit, Jumper and Skirt (Optional) can be purchased from . The shirts, trousers and polo tops can be purchased in any retailer selling uniforms.  The Uniform must be worn everyday except PE day, when the tracksuit can be worn. 




  • When is my child starting in the school?
    First Years return on Thursday August 24th at 10am. For other dates visit our calendar.
  • Does my child need their books and uniform on August 24th?
    If your child is on the book rental scheme, the books will already be in their locker. They will need to wear the full uniform on their first day in August.
  • When and where can I pay for the book rental?
    A link will be sent out by late June with the option to pay online (way2pay) or alternatively you can visit the school office and pay with card or cash. This should be paid by mid August.
  • What class will my child be in?
    When your child starts in August they will be placed in a class with their own tutor. There will be three seperate classes.
  • Where can I purchase the Uniform
    Crested items may be purchased from , non crested items can be purchased from any major clothing retailer.
  • Can they wear runners?
    Runners are allowed to be worn but they must be black and without any logos etc.
  • My child is quite anxious, is there anyone I can talk to in advance.
    You can email the deputy principal at and he can pass messages to the tutors or the school support staff. We have a very active student support team and a lot of supports.
  • Are there any supports available to me as a parent to help with all of these extra costs.
    If you are in need of supports please email james.hanrahan@mercyinchicore and we will see what supports are available.
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