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Mercy Inchicore prides itself on the care and attention we give to every student. Below you will be able to see some of the supports we offer to our students and parents. 

Students stufying with book shelves in the background

Support Team

We have a very active support team within the school. Members of that team are Ms O'Kelly (Principal), Mr Hanrahan (Deputy Principal) , Ms Baker (SEN Co-ordinator), Ms McCorriston (Our Guidance Counsellor), Ms Healy (Home School Liaison teacher) and the year heads of the different year groups. This team can refer students for counselling, School completion programmes, SEN supports, Social supports and other programmes to help them through any difficult times. The team meet weekly. 

A student playing the Piano in a music class.

Student Council and Mentors

We have a very active student council in Mercy and the students help in the running of our school. They suggest changes, they run fundraisers and they help to shape school policies before they are ratified by the Board of Management. Incoming students are given a mentor to help them through the big changes they face when joining second level. 

Students studying in the home economics room.


At Mercy Secondary School Inchicore we have a dedicated Wellbeing co-ordinator whose sole responsibility is to ensure the students have an experience that shapes them and builds skills such as resilience and independence for the future. 

Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

Our HSCL Coordinator is Fiona Healy who can be contacted on 086 4114030 or by email


The Home School Community Liaison (H.S.C.L.) scheme is a key part of supporting your son/daughter’s journey through Mercy Secondary School.

The scheme aims to increase the link between home and school by encouraging parents to become more involved in their children’s education. We believe that you, the Parent/Guardian, have the most valuable insights into your son/daughter.

HSCL provides an opportunity for you to be empowered as the primary educator of your child, and by working together we can create the maximum opportunities for our students. The HSCL coordinator meets many parents/guardians throughout the year both in school and when visiting the home, and also attends relevant community meetings to maintain an active link between Mercy Secondary School and the many agencies in our local community.The HSCL coordinator also attends weekly cluster meetings with other HSCLs from all the primary and post-primary schools in the area, thus promoting cooperation between all local schools.

HSCL strives to create opportunities for learning and activity that will further connect you as a family. Activities are often organised by the HSCL coordinator, which set out to encourage greater contact between parents, teachers and local voluntary groups. Activities in our school include Wellbeing classes, Healthy Eating courses, Cookery classes/demonstrations, Smoking Cessation program, Crafts, Alcohol Awareness programme and stress control education.

For further details on any of the above, please contact Fiona Healy on 086 4114030.

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