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Mercy throughout the Christmas Period!

Here at mercy we get very busy over the Christmas season, so I’ll give you a little insight as to what will be happening over the next few weeks.

First of all, throughout the month of November we will had ‘In November We Remember’, which is when we put up a mural for any loved ones we have lost to remember them throughout the month of November and over the holidays!

Secondly, we’ve got the winter assessments, which began on the 28th of November and concluded on December 1st. The exam timetables have already been uploaded to our online website for everyone to check and see when each exam is.

Next up, we’ll be having our annual Christmas market! We’ll have lots of nice sweet Christmassy treats, raffles, lots of singing from our lovely choir members, and much more! Everyone is welcome to come join our students during the market!

During the month of December, We’ll also have Advent, where we will light the 4 advent candles for hope, peace, joy, and love, throughout the month in preparation for Christmas.

-Riley O’Meara

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