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Open Night at Mercy Inchicore


The Mercy Secondary School community would like to invite you to come along to our open evening on Thursday 28th September 2023. During our open night, you will have the opportunity to tour our school and meet the teachers and fellow students (and some of us amazing 2nd years). You will be able to take part in some fun activities with subject teachers, listen to our choir sing, and make your way around our exciting school building.

Life at Mercy:

The students and teachers here in our school all play a very special part in making our school a better place, and each one of us all play an important role in our school community. Once you step through the door at Mercy, you will always be a part of the wonderful community we have within our school. In Mercy you will always be encouraged to be yourself and to become the very best you can be.

Sports & extracurricular activities:

Here at Mercy, we have multiple sports teams to join! They consist of: the girls football team, the boys football team, girls badminton team, boys badminton team, girls basketball team, boys basketball team, and already this year our boys basketball team has won two matches! While our girls football team has yet to play any matches this year, they had quite a run last year winning many of their matches.

We have also got a lot of extracurricular activities for you to join, such as: our school choir, student council, homework club, games club and our newly founded Smile Committee, a group of students supporting the mental health and well being of everyone in our school community.

Choice subjects:

As well as our core subjects, we’ve also got our wonderful choice subjects: Home economics (cooking, sewing, household work), Technical graphics (drafting & drawing), Business studies (to effectively learn how to do business), Art (drawing and painting) and Music (instruments, chords, notes). Every student at Mercy will study Science, computer coding and Spanish alongside their base class classmates throughout first to third year.

Our school facilities:

Our school has plenty of facilities for students: we’ve got our modern Home Economics kitchens, our vibrant art room, a soulful music room, a newly furbished Technical Graphics room, a spacious PE hall, our new science lab and our sensory room. We are also very excited to introduce our newly designed library space that has been updated to become a wonderful area for all staff and students to visit throughout the day!

We look forward to welcoming you through the school doors on Thursday 28th and hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of the amazing community we have here at Mercy!

Thank you! :)

By Riley and Abby

2nd Year.

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